Thursday, May 10, 2007

ps3 random notes, hdmi and optical digital sound at the same time?

well, i admit it.. my ps3 at times sees more loving from my than my wii.. but that really depends on if i have pals over (wii) or am going solo mode (ps3).. however, today i realized something i hadn't up until now. my ps3 is hooked up via hdmi to my tv (no other audio except hdmi), audio is then connected to my sony receiver via digital optical and my ps3 is setup to output via digital optical (dts,dolby,pcm).

however, yesterday i was watching the news in the morning via my tv's tuner and had the tv's speakers on and up. after flipping through the news, i flipped on my ps3 to get some downloads setup for while i was at work. and then voila! my tv's sound seemed to magically work even though i have the audio setting to digital optical. put on some music, plays fine and same w/videos.

can some verify this has this always been true or added in the latest firmware?? nonetheless, i'm happy! hdmi and digital optical output = :)

well, i gave in and decided to get MKII for the PS3 and just tonight, calling all cars since.. well.. there hasn't been crap released on the PS3 in some time... man, both my wii and ps3 are lacking games still.. only good thing is that this fall looks very good!