Monday, June 25, 2007

netflix and Watch Now..

well, i've been using the Netflix Watch Now option w/my netflix account.  basically what the Watch Now option is netflix's VOD via the internet and an embedded video player in IE.  they offer a slim selection but have been good about adding more and more older movies. 

however, i am blogging about their service since tonight i've noticed a very dramatic boost in quality.  the video looks pretty decent even on my 24" fullscreen.  pixelation is pretty low and i have not experienced any lag or stuttering most services usually encounter.  then again the performance boost i'm seeing may be due to the fact that i've been getting some nice 2mbs download speeds lately w/azerus and just normal web downloads. 

the amount of free per month viewing you get depends on what type of subscription you have, basically for each $1 of your subscription, you get 1 hour of viewing; with a max of 13 hours per month.  ( more details over here: )

so check it out if your a netflix member w/a highspeed internet account! i know i can't say no to some free and decent quality VOD!  peace