Thursday, June 14, 2007

New geek project: getting OS X Tiger on my HP TC1100

well, after helping one of my pals get her work Mac G4 server back up and going, i decided that its time that i tried to get OS X Tiger going on one of my Intel/AMD machines. 

since i rely on my main pc and can't afford to 'accidently' wipe out any of my 3 hds in that sytem, i had to find an alternative system to try the farked install on.

hmm, thus my HP TC1100 came to mind.  how sweet would it be to have a Mac Tablet, eh? hehe. i have not done any installing yet but have been doing mainly just some research on it prior to installing.

my goal is to triple boot my tablet pc w/XP, Vista, and OS X Tiger.  I currently have 4 partitions on my 80gb drive and have allocated about 10gb for the OS X install. 

Partition2=User files
Partition3=OS X

also, i am using the Vista bootloader and intend to use that for my triple booting.

tonight i plan to try the install and will post my results/notes on the process (since i have not seen any TC1100 running OS X yet).

i am hoping that i can use drivers from a serial based wacom tablet for the TC1100's wacom digitizer, but this may be very interesting.  also, from what i've been reading i may need to recompile a few things to work w/my tablets Intel Centrino processor; i'm hoping there have been others w/this processor that have gotten OS X to work. 

nonetheless, should turn out to be a pretty fun sounding project! i'll post a followup this weekend on if or how i got it all working! :)