Sunday, June 17, 2007

osx86 and the TC1100: round 1, install frustrations

well, this weekend has been a weekend of some geek frustration.  previously i had mentioned i wanted to try to get OS X Tiger up and running on my HP TC, however i have been having some issues. 

my main problems have been the install itself.  my first install attempts ended w/me not being patient enough and giving up. after about 3 hours of waiting and seeming like nothing was happening i would power off my tablet and start over.  i realized that stuff was going on in the background but the Apple boot screen was hiding it, i decided to use the -v flag while booting via darwin.  this atleast gave me the piece of mind knowing something was going on. 

however this still did not resolve the SUPER long time it takes to install.  my first install did not boot past the grey Apple logo and the install itself took over 5 hours (took a nap in between prompts).  the logs seemed to point to titan failing to start.  i decided to now try another full install and not installing the titan video drivers.  hopefully my tablet will boot!

if it does, i think i will make a ghost image of the partition (avoid having to go through the painful install again!) and then reghost my whole machine w/OS X on the first partition and my tablet xp on second and then using Darwin bootloader for my dual booting.

i'll post an update once or if i get it running or not. btw, i'm using the JaS 10.4.8 AMD Intel SSE2/SSE3 PP1 and PP2 iso. i also patched w/the defiant ppf patch.  it almost seems like my problems may be my cd drive, i might grab my ext from work tomorrow if i can't boot after this install and start from scratch.

more to come!