Saturday, June 23, 2007

OSX86 fun.. or not!

well, as previously blogged; i have been attempting to get Mac OS X 10.4.8 up and going on my HP TC1100, however i have not had much success.  the first installs never completed (over 6 hours and sitting at end of install, gave up at that point and tried again), second install did install but never made it past the grey Apple logo on the first boot, the third and fourth times came up with errors. 

 Oh yea, and to top it off; my TC1100's HDD poops out yesterday.  Hmmm, i almost wonder if the OSX86 installs might have caused the failure or not.  had me worried, however my 80gb is still under warranty and i had my original 60gb that i could swap back in.  btw, i still am a huge fan of making ghost backups in case things like this happen.  did a ghost bkup before doing the OSX stuff so i had my system back up and running in 15minutes.  its nice being a geek. :P  hehe.

anywho, so round 1 of my OSX86 install goes to Apple.   i'm wondering if my problems may have been related to my tc's hd failing or did the installs/failed installs cause the failure?  i swear the drive was beeping (like when your desktop won't POST and all you get are the error diagnostic beeps); couldn't even boot from a LiveCD or floppy w/the drive in.

however, round 2 hopefully will go my way; i've decided to install it on my main desktop pc on a spare p-ata harddrive (20gb). realized the OSX86 install does not let you install to S-ata harddrive (i have 3 of them of course and no P-ata), so i had to pull out a 20gb p-ata drive from a gutted system and find a spot in my case.  sure am glad i upgraded away from my htpc cases; no way i could fit my: 3 s-ata drive, 1 p-ata drive, 1 dvd burner, 1 front panel VFD display/remote.

got the install running right now and so far so good (knock on wood), figure it should run pretty decent on my system since i finally upgraded to 2gb of memory; really need to get a new mobo and upgrade to 4gb memory and newer x2 cpu.  however, bills be bills..

if only computer upgrades grew on trees.. ;)

--update:  just got osx86 running on my desktop machine, runs pretty smooth! also got my system setup to triple boot via the vista bootloader and chain0 hack; works like butter.  i posted a recipe to triple booting over at 's main site, should be live in a day or two.  i'll post more tips and notes as i come across them.