Friday, June 29, 2007

the iphone launches, and i still don't care...

yes, you heard that correctly.  the iphone launch has come and gone yet honestly i still could care less about this phone.  to me its still an overpriced, uber locked down, last years feature phone... 

i guess i have not really ever bought into the whole hype of the phone.  as a self-proclaimed phone geek, the iphone does not offer me the features i want for a phone that costs that much.  i'd much rather save my pennies and get sony ericsson's new replacement to the K800/K790.  hey, atleast then i get a 5.0 mp camera and a phone thats capable of sending MMS.  and again, i hate itunes and refuse to use it on my windows machine. 

plus, i've grown up in life and need to actually be able to access work emails to justify such a price for a phone (hell, my MDA cost me only $349 and prob still can offer the same exact features w/appropriate add-ons or hacks).

as for the iphone.. i'll pass... to me, its just a glorified music sidekick...  plus, i want that damn sliding qwerty keyboard; software keyboards will never live up to an actual full qwerty keyboard.

however, to each his/her own.  perhaps that is why i still don't own an ipod too.. :)