Tuesday, July 10, 2007

my tip on getting 'hooked up' in life as a geek/person

let me start off on the right foot and warn my readers that this is not one of my typical geek posts. it is, but isn't.  no, this really is a post with some tips on life itself and getting oneself through it a little easier.  like most geeks of my generation (ie Nintendo generation, late 20s to 30s), i've got 'soft' skills.  no, i'm not good at knitting or stitching, but i'm good with people.  the previous generation geeks were always criticized for lacking these skills (for most of the prev gen, you could get away with being a total geek/tech expert and not have to worry about the people skills.  the technical knowledge itself overrided dealing w/co-workers and supervisors and others outside of the tech realm (not a rip on any generation or a 'my dads stronger than yours' statement, our world got much more 'PC' than previous).

however, my generation seems to have realized more so that nowadays you really need the whole package, tech skills and people skills.  of course, those prev generations are adapting to this new landscape but after a few recent incidents w/customer service calls and personal experiences, i realized that i get 'hooked up' a lot in life by doing just one easy thing.

have you ever talked w/customer service for say your mobile carrier and gotten so frustrated you could scream at them? or go to a Super America and wait 15 minutes to buy a pack of smokes?  did you take it out on them?

i hope not! put yourself in their shoes.  how would you feel if you were trying to do everything you could or in your power to help these people?  i know i would be frustrated myself at the line growing longer and longer because the cc authorization server is down. 

no, don't yell or get mad.  be a human.  remember, we're all human (so far as we know! hehe).  be understanding and try to make them smile.  if they do a good job, let their supervisor know.  would you want a job well done go unnoticed?  most of these people do, yet for the most part they try as hard as they can (of course there are the 'bad' ones) and get no recognition at all.

so this leads me up to my original reason for writing this, my tip to getting 'hooked up' in life:

be nice and treat the person as a human.  take a moment to just think what it may be like to be in their shoes.  at worst, you get crappy service; however at best you can get a much better experience or possibly a few hookups (ie something most customers never get or are denied).

i know i've worked several jobs that deal w/customers and have been in the other pair of shoes.  yes, i flipped burgers at McDs for a few years and did check collections (of course i was the nicest collector you could ever talk with! heheh).  i know whenever someone did something nice for me, it would make my day and i would try to hook them up as much as i could.

'you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar'...

btw, expect to see a ton of W810i modding/hacking posts soon! i plan to do a housing mod (use a K750i camera cover) and total UI hacks, replacing icons/system files/reskinning whole OS.