Tuesday, July 10, 2007

OSX86 update and other geeky tidbits

well, i figure its time for me to do a follow up post on my recent experience on getting Mac OSX 10.4.6 on my HP TC1100.  previously i was having some major problems getting OSX86 to install and to even boot after install.  sadly, my situation/experience has not changed in regards to getting OSX86 installed and running on my TC1100 tablet pc.

my installation will take over 5 hours to complete (if it does complete) but never boots.  i have tried using all of the known flags for darwin to see if that would speed up the install but none of them seem to have any effect (ie tried platform=x86pc and acpi, tried idehalt=0 and cpu=1, nothing seems to help).  i also have tried using a different install dvd (10.4.6 and 1.04.8, both JaS versions w/the amd/intel patches built in), different harddrive (since my 80gb died, but should be back this week), removed my 1GB memory and used only the builtin memory (512mb), removed the battery; again still over 5 hours to install and no luck on booting.

however, my installation on my desktop pc (AMD based) went smooth as butter.  the only thing that i have not tried yet is using a different external dvd/cd drive.  i plan on that tonight and hopefully will nail down my problem!  nonetheless if that does not resolve my problems, i may try to do the deedmo hack and then update it to 10.4.6 since i'm pretty sick of waiting over 5 hours to see if an install worked or not.  plus, i would have thought that my intel based system would have installed smoother than my AMD based one (yes, my desktop is prob twice as fast but still it runs off of the ATI X300 chipset vs my TC1100's Intel based chipset). 

on a side note, broke down and finally updated my uber crappy phone to a decent in-between phone.  i'm waiting for the Sony Ericsson K850i to come stateside to upgrade.  my Sony Ericsson W810i should hopefully be here by the end of the week.  me and my Sony toys, i tell ya.  i emailed them to see if they send out demo phones for people to do reviews on and like i expected, they don't.

so, how does a geek blogger ever get a hold of any new cool gadgets to review w/o being part of a major corp blog???? while we're on the topic, how can i get a job doing reviews of new hardware w/o racking up my credit card bills? if you got a new device you want an honest, geek/poweruser review of, hit me up!

aiy, peace