Wednesday, August 01, 2007

blog theme updates, twitter, and randomness

well, figured it was time to update/change my blog theme.  finally found a decent theme to use that met my criteria, black and basic.  davak then uploaded it for me and made a few tweaks and thus the new look!  thanks again for updating it so fast!!

after reading about twitter on the other techrx blogs, decided i'd join up and take it for a spin.  its pretty sweet.  i've been using the text messaging option of posting since its so easy and i can do it anywhere.  plus, its fun seeing what davak and q and shamantears are up to throughout the day.  sure seem like a bunch of busy guys!

and finally, some randomness on randomness and shuffle.  why is it that most media players have such a limited shuffle/random playback options?  i really hate it when you put a bunch of songs (ie 100 to 300) on shuffle yet after each time i start playback it shuffles the same order as it previously did.  this is a really huge annoyance i have w/my Civic Si's sound system.  i have the navigation package and in turn have the PC Card reader for music files.  i noticed that when i turn on shuffle/random it uses the same random list.  come on, it can't be that hard to make the random playback order random on each time the feature is turned on!!!! you'd think its a very basic random function in the software. i remember making a few basic java script applets and the first excercise was to make a random number generator; so its not like i'm asking for anything complex or hard to do.  just seems like most manufacturers just don't think that people use the feature or don't put much effort into it.

so thats my randomness rant on randomness. :P