Thursday, August 09, 2007

internet is back up!! go justin from comcast!

well, on tues night, my good ole internet and cable tv both went down.  in the past year or so i've had this happen off and on but usually a few hours later the signal would come back and i'd be good; if not i could usually wiggle the cables by the outlet enough to get it to work.

however, this time i had a feeling that i just needed to get the cabling to my apt redone.  so i called up comcast, setup a time for  them to swing out and took the day off (also had to get my work license, long story short i got a dwi but got it dropped to a careless). 

comcast sent out justin (a younger tech, about my age or so, worked 7 years or so in the industry) to take a look.  he replaced my inside jack and still had major connection problems/negative signal; after investigating some more he decided to run a totally new line to my apt.  we went and talked w/my apt management office and got access to the roof and got a new cable strung.  the cabling i had was prob from when the apts were built (the cable was dried out from water and sun and just being old).

after he finished running the cable and reconnecting, bam! internet was up and hd and cable was looking very crisp.  also, he suggested to use the Pass-Through setting on my Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD to get the best picture quality (prev i was using the upconvert-2) and i did notice a slight increase in quality of my hd channels.  however the quality boost may also be in part from the new cabling. 

so all in all, its good to have my tv and internet back.  evdo tethering was a great inbetween time solution but nothing beats good ole broadband.

now to call comcast and give justin some props! thanks dude!