Monday, August 06, 2007

iPhone: unlocking that sim and browsing those filez? seems so!

well, i and the rest of the world knew this was coming; a way to unlock the iPhone sim card.  prior to this newest hack (which will run about $90-100 for the blank sim card and sim card reader/writer), the non-ATT/Cingular users could activate the iPhone via a hack but were still unable to use the phone (basically it made it a wifi ipod).

however, the good folks over at hackint0sh forums have found a way around this!  here's direct link to the forum post on the how-to.

so, it seems like i may perhaps end up w/an iphone at some point if this hack works w/Tmobile USA.  i've  always wanted to get into the whole SIM card hacking but really never had a reason to and now i may.  i know, i am still an iphone naysayer (but thats mainly because i didn't want to switch to cingular/att) but may sway to the dark side.  we shall see.

oh yea, on top of this, Windows users now have a nice iPhone file browser. check it out at

so.. anyone wanna send me an iphone to unlock and then in turn post up a nice tutorial?? hehe, had to try.