Saturday, August 18, 2007

last madden 08 note, pc vs ps3 versions.. PS3 version still sucks!

well, i promise this is my last madden post for a while.

i loaded up good ole madden 08 on my pc and have to say, holy shit; its good, very good.  my system is not the fastest or ideal gaming rig (Athlon X3 2ghz, 2gb ram, X800 ATI vid card) but man, it plays so smooth. 

i have my settings cranked up to 1900x1200 at 60hz and i have no delays.

actually, loading up the PC version really pissed me off.  it showed how inferior my PS3 version of madden 08 really is.  there are no camera glitches (doesn't get stuck far away after changing hot routes), actual different camera angles, the interface is classic madden (3 plays across, choose based on buttons pressed not this highlight your play shit that ps3 version uses; what fun is it if your opponent can watch what you choose unless you use the 'fake' button).

wow, EA, you totally suck for screwing over the PS3 version. i was starting to be ok w/that version but then i played madden 08 for pc and it made me mad.  maybe i'll trade in my ps3 version and move my pc out in the living room. 

i just may end up doing that if EA doesn't patch the ps3 version or do something.  i guess if i do, i'll atleast have rumble w/my wireless controllers.. :P