Saturday, August 18, 2007

madden 08 problems narrowed down, more w810i updates..

well, thought i'd just post an update to my two current love/hate relationships i have in my geek lovelife.. hehe. i love them and hate em but hopefully atleast one of them i'll just love in a few weeks. :)

previously, i had purchased a W810i phone from ebay.  the first one i received was basically DOA and was replaced the next week. however, the 2nd one i received was basically a defective unit.  the battery life on the phone would only last for about 4 hours of being on and my call reception would drop in and out (in areas i know i have 5 bar signal).  initially i thought i'd try a few things myself to fix it: got 2 new batteries, a charger, firmware update; but i still had the same problems.  i even ordered a new motherboard, however the motherboard was just that.  a motherboard only, none of the connectors or pcb connectors were soldered on so that was a wash too. 

so, i finally broke down and called SE support (which i've always had really nice/pleasant/fluent english speaking reps to talk with) and am going to send my phone into them for repair.  so hopefully i get my info i requested from the ebay seller (a powerseller/store) in time to send off to sony.

as for my madden 08 for the PS3, i've narrowed down the issues that i have with it and what seems to be the problem. my pal and i will most likely end up playing through the hiccups but it does get freaking annoying though.

2 player mode; if i play the cpu the problems are not as bad, however when i play my pal or have two profiles loaded these type of problems occur:

-delayed response/lagging when moving through the playbook while in a game/practice. 

-delayed response when i switch players on defense or try to hike ball fast; i double tapped x to hike the ball and then lob a pass to my x receiver. 

-stuttering when loading screens such as the contract signing screen

-prev screens hanging onscreen when it loads, no clean loading screens (almost like when you play a game on your pc that your system can't keep up to).

i really hope EA does something though.. also, it seems like the fact that the game goes online to get ticker info and radio updates may also be causing these lags.

seriously though, did EA have anyone play the game before releasing it? this is why betas are good.  nonetheless, i'll still play it and learn to live with the annoyances and hope that EA does it right next year (even though i doubt i'll buy it; renting it first next time!)