Thursday, August 09, 2007

my w810i woes continue..

well, i was pretty pumped to get my w810 (twice that is since first had to be rma'd, DOA) but so far have been having some very annoying problems.  mainly the phone does not seem to hold a charge or even charge properly. i will plug it in overnight and check it in the morning its only 55% charged. tried 2 different batteries (the K750 uses same battery type), once of which was brand new and same problem.

i could send back to sony to get fixed but prob would take a month or two to fix (sony's repair centers are notoriously slow on fixing/returning phones, my pal waited over 2 months to get a phone fixed w/o any loaner). so i decided i'd try to fix it myself (and the fact that i really did void my warranty by taking it apart doesn't help either.. hehe).

to me, the problem seems like it has to be motherboard related.  i've replaced my charger and used the usb and same problems.  taken apart the phone to see if there were any loose connections, none.

found an OEM motherboard for the w810i on ebay for $50, so i figured i'd get it and try swapping it out to see if that resolves my problems.  if not, i may end up reselling the phone w/all of the new parts i've bought for a deal.  hopefully the new mobo fixes the problems!

this latest experience does put a bit of gloomier view on buying phones on ebay.  honestly, the phone appears like it was rebuilt and then listed as new (the inside of the lcd housing still had the paper over the seal's sticky back, never removed and should have been; same true for the power button). i'll give ebay one more try w/my next phone purchase and then if that doesn't go as smooth as i hope, no more ebay (for mobile phone purchases at least).