Sunday, August 26, 2007

oooo.. its so purty... where are the visualizers?

i don't know about you but i love graphic equalizers and visualizers. theres something about seeing music converted into random forms that makes me happy (perhaps a few flashbacks from the college days, hehe).

anywho, why aren't there any good or ANY visualizers for most music phone/mp3 devices? i have not seen any ipod ones for the video ipods to make the builtin screen dance.  yes, i know battery life is to be sacrificed but atleast give me an option as a screensaver that plays for 30secs and times out.  the closest i got was w/a program for my Tmobile MDA, it was an open source media player for WM5 and it included a very basic visualizer for when playing songs. 
the best would be a hybrid of what sony ericsson's newer phones that support flash menus has; song/title info and an equalizer.  the newer se phones do the title info part (my Z710i w/W810i firmware did it).

so can someone whip up a nice visualizer for me?? or perhaps throw it in (sony are you listening?? hehe, i'm still faithful to my se phones hopefully should get my W810i back next week).  it really can't be that hard to include.

we'll see if any music phones will give in and do it. doubtful, but yet again i can hope.. :)