Wednesday, August 15, 2007

seamonkey's daily twitter recap [2007-08-15]

  • loading up my new addiction! madden 08 for the ps3... doing the oncall thing again tonight.. gotta get more ot for my geek purchases! :P #

  • finally! a madden is worth purchasing! has online vids, nfl news, and other sports news.. not bad!! now lets see how it plays! #

  • first madden win! yea yea! #

  • beatles and beers... mmm.. tasty.. hehe. chatting abouts the need of tech in education and need for the youngns to learn the old ways.. #

  • a bit pissed about the framerate issues and stuttering of madden 08 for ps3. man, ea just keeps dropping the ball in the madden series! :( #

  • @davak the x360 version runs at 60fps and has not had any probs w/freezing. the ps3 runs only at 30fps and maxes out to 720p vs 1080p (x360) #

  • @davak yes and no, i love the bluray/media player in the ps3. the games are still behind the x360.hopefully devs make the game, not port it #

  • more recipe ideas! hmm.. will be adding later tonight.. after some 300 in bluray! :) #