Thursday, August 16, 2007

seamonkey's daily twitter recap [2007-08-16]

  • giving madden another chance.. not as bad as i thought after a while... still, expected too much from madden.. lots of options = good! #

  • @shamanstears i like the blog of twits.. :) easy summary.. #

  • wow.. 300 look spretty sweet on bluray.. #

  • doing some more bb setups.. found out i may get to meet the organizer of DefCon and possibly get access to next years convention! very cool! #

  • @shamanstears coffee is the fuel to my geek fire.. 'nectar of the gods' as i say.. hehe.. #

  • off early, in the words of ice cube "Today was a good day"!... :P #

  • good deal on 2gb microsd for $23 at newegg #

  • oh yea, while on deals, quality hdmi cables @ got me 2 3ft hdmi cables for $14 shipped.. the hdmi switch didn't come w/cables #