Thursday, August 30, 2007

sony ericsson, where's my W810i????

man, this last phone purchase has been the bane of my existence lately. all i wanted was a mid-level phone since i'm holding out to get a high-end once the new 5mp Cybershot phone is out.  but man, first phone i get is DOA, second one i had to send back to Sony, now they can't seem to find my damn IMEI number on the Proof of Purchase order.  seriously, i sent a copy w/my phone along w/my paypal receipt and they still say they do not see the IMEI number..

i wish companies kept history of what a specific consumer purchases from their company and then base their return/customer service on that history.  i really don't think sony understands how loyal of a sony fan i have been my whole life and still am. 

over 6 high-end cellphones ( $250+ ), 2 cd players, 7 cybershot cameras, 2 receivers, 1 dvd player, a laptop, PS1, PSP, and a PS3.  i really am a sony fanboy.

i think i would fall into the 'loyal customer' category.  anywho, i'm just pissed and had to vent but seriously i wonder if my phone will reallly work if i do get it back fixed.  i mean, if they can't find the words: IMEI circled on a piece of paper containing less than 75 words, yea...

aiy.. hopefully this third and final fax will actually make it to them.

wish me luck.. man, that iphone is getting more and more tempting as each day i go w/o my w810i passes.. :)