Saturday, September 29, 2007

iPhone firmware updates break third-party software

hahah! again, this is why when the iPhone launched, i really wasn't too excited.  the iphone was the 'jesus' phone when first launched.  it was viewed as 'revolutionary' by the first, early adopters (who in turn also go screwed on a price drop only 3 months later, sure $100 voucher to the apple store but thats almost an insult since you HAVE to use the voucher at an apple store).

the hacking community started to really get involved in both unlocking the iphone's sim card and also allowing third-party code to run.  however the apple's latest 1.1.1 iphone firmware update appears to not only break/brick unlocked iPhones but also kills all the thirdparty apps that have been installed too.

the iPhone is starting to look more and more like my older Danger Sidekick in regards to closing off of the phone's OS and third-party software. even was pretty mad about this and they seem to be pretty hardcore apple fanboys too ( 

in my opinion, i still would not get an iphone or ever since i hate systems that are so closed.  now open up the iphone to hackers again and maybe i'd consider one but then i would have to worry that apple may send another update and break it again.  

so, any iphone users w/thoughts on their purchase? are you having buyer remorse after apple's lock-down?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

my w810i, service cable and file system hacking.. :)

Well, i've been working off and on with my W810i (make that 2, long story w/the whole one not working an then buying a 2nd used one on ebay and then frankensteining the best parts from each into a 'new' W810i, mwaa) and trying to hack it.

the best site to for CID49 hacking is one of my hangout sites, . a few members over there were the first to get into the CID49 filesystem using free apps and a service cable. mad props to the original hackers! so, the last few weeks i've been doing a ton of reading and playing. i'm using my w810i w/the weird battery problem as my test machine and i purchased a totalmultiserver credit just in case (use it to flash the firmware if i mess it up bad).

the first few tries of mine were unsuccessful. i didn't have a service cable or the right firmwares or tools. also, trying to understand the whole process was very confusing w/the conflicting guides and all. so last week i received my 2in1 service cable (self-powered, usb) and finally figured out how to get it all working and fix my phone if i screw up.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dell Latitude D430 Review (with 32GB SSD)

I love computers and gadgets, especially shiny new ones or ones that i don't have to pay for.

My work is currently evaluating a few newer Dell laptops to see which one we will be upgrading to early next year. One of the models that we had purchased for testing got pushed off of our list due to several quirks/downfalls and in turn ended up in my little geeky, gruby hands.

Today I will give a quick mini-review of a Dell Latitude D430. This review will be using Vista 64-Bit as the OS and part of the review.

Friday, September 07, 2007

AHHHHHH! W810i not repaired, says water damage??

man, sony has really been testing my loyalty the last few months.. first problems w/my W810i (i have yet to have a FULLY working W810i since i purchased it one back in July) and then a few PS3 problems..

anywho, i got my phone finally back from Sony Ericsson and first thing i notice is that action says: RUR-Returned Unrepaired.  Check the details and they state water corrosion as reason why phone was not repaired.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

techrx swag! who wants some? :)

well, Q sent out a nice ole Tech RX swag package last week (thanks buddy!) and after receiving it realized that a few of the shirts and polos are just a bit too big for me.. (i'm a small man or boy or person.. hehe..)

so i figure i'd see if any of my loyal readers would be proud and interested in sporting their geek love for techrx.

i hope to randomly pick 2 people to send out a tech rx "Computers fear me" t-shirts (L and XL, i love this one); to get a chance to grab a hold of some swag, just leave a comment (be sure to fill in the email part on the comment form so i can email you for your addy).

i'll pick and post the two winners next friday! until then, comment away!! :)

btw, warhawk still rules!

Monday, September 03, 2007

PS3 firmware update v1.92 is live!

just got done watching a movie on the PS3 and got notified that an update was available, good ole 1.92.  hopefully this resolves the warhawk issues we've been having with my ps3 freezing on bad connects to servers and of course the stat tracking.

no update info was included on the update so... i guess we'll see if warhawk is good to go or not.

bitmapping feature in Music (not sure what that is, options include Off, Type1, Type2) seems to be the only UI change i can see.

warhawk.. so much fun but...

well, i broke down on friday and got a new game for my PS3.  i was stuck between Lair or Warhawk.  Lair looked crazy cool and beautiful but warhawk seemed like a blast to play (played the beta a few times via a backdoor trick). 

after hearing about a few of the iffy reviews on Lair and its controls, i decided to go the warhawk route.

the game is a blast to play and looks very nice.  however there are a few issues that really need to be addressed.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

quad booting my pc w/XP, MCE, Vista and OSX86

well, a few weeks back i did a full system rebuild from scratch and originally had planned to do a six os install but decided to cut back to just a quad booting system.  i realized that installing windows98se and windows 2000 was just a waste of partitions and space since i really have no need for them.