Friday, September 07, 2007

AHHHHHH! W810i not repaired, says water damage??

man, sony has really been testing my loyalty the last few months.. first problems w/my W810i (i have yet to have a FULLY working W810i since i purchased it one back in July) and then a few PS3 problems..

anywho, i got my phone finally back from Sony Ericsson and first thing i notice is that action says: RUR-Returned Unrepaired.  Check the details and they state water corrosion as reason why phone was not repaired.

how can a phone that i've had one day have water corrosion damage????? lets just say i am pretty angry.   i plan to contact the ebay store: ACC Universe about this since it seems like this place is not really selling new phones in their NEW in box auctions but rather a just refurbishing them and reselling as new phones.

i plan to submit a dispute with Paypal regarding this and either will get a new phone or my money back.  this is my last phone purchase ever from ebay.  i also plan to submit a complaint to the Better Business Bureau in regards to the ebay store and its misleading auctions (given the store does nothing or tells me i need to pay for repairs).

sorry, had to vent. perhaps some warhawk will let me get over this for a while..  if my PS3 works.. haha!