Saturday, September 29, 2007

iPhone firmware updates break third-party software

hahah! again, this is why when the iPhone launched, i really wasn't too excited.  the iphone was the 'jesus' phone when first launched.  it was viewed as 'revolutionary' by the first, early adopters (who in turn also go screwed on a price drop only 3 months later, sure $100 voucher to the apple store but thats almost an insult since you HAVE to use the voucher at an apple store).

the hacking community started to really get involved in both unlocking the iphone's sim card and also allowing third-party code to run.  however the apple's latest 1.1.1 iphone firmware update appears to not only break/brick unlocked iPhones but also kills all the thirdparty apps that have been installed too.

the iPhone is starting to look more and more like my older Danger Sidekick in regards to closing off of the phone's OS and third-party software. even was pretty mad about this and they seem to be pretty hardcore apple fanboys too ( 

in my opinion, i still would not get an iphone or ever since i hate systems that are so closed.  now open up the iphone to hackers again and maybe i'd consider one but then i would have to worry that apple may send another update and break it again.  

so, any iphone users w/thoughts on their purchase? are you having buyer remorse after apple's lock-down?