Saturday, September 01, 2007

quad booting my pc w/XP, MCE, Vista and OSX86

well, a few weeks back i did a full system rebuild from scratch and originally had planned to do a six os install but decided to cut back to just a quad booting system.  i realized that installing windows98se and windows 2000 was just a waste of partitions and space since i really have no need for them. 

the four operating systems i chose to install were: Windows Media Center 2005, XP Prof SP2, Vista Business Edition and OSX 10.4.8 JaS patched.  i created seperate partitions for each OS (for OSX i had to use a seperate P-ATA drive since all of my current drivers are S-ATA and OSX86 will not install or read S-ATA drives) and installed them in this order: MCE, XP, Vista, OSX.

the installs were easy and only took a half day to do.  one thing i did have problems with was getting MCE and XP to be bootable from the Vista Bootloader.  after getting nowhere on having both show as an entry and to actually to boot the OS and not  the older NTLDR bootloader, i gave up and decided to just create one entry that would then bring me to the NTLDR loader where i could choose between MCE or XP.  i hope to resolve this problem and once i do will post a recipe on it.

i still do not have network access in my OSX86 install.   it seems my netgear gigabit network adapter is not recognized by my OSX install.  i may try to find drivers and install since without network or internet access, the OS is really just for show and is not viable to run as a main os (which i wanted to run OSX as my main os if i could get internet working on it).  so i may need to go and get a different adapter once again.

here's my long and boring youtube vid on booting to the OS's and some notes on doing the installs.