Wednesday, September 05, 2007

techrx swag! who wants some? :)

well, Q sent out a nice ole Tech RX swag package last week (thanks buddy!) and after receiving it realized that a few of the shirts and polos are just a bit too big for me.. (i'm a small man or boy or person.. hehe..)

so i figure i'd see if any of my loyal readers would be proud and interested in sporting their geek love for techrx.

i hope to randomly pick 2 people to send out a tech rx "Computers fear me" t-shirts (L and XL, i love this one); to get a chance to grab a hold of some swag, just leave a comment (be sure to fill in the email part on the comment form so i can email you for your addy).

i'll pick and post the two winners next friday! until then, comment away!! :)

btw, warhawk still rules!