Monday, September 03, 2007

warhawk.. so much fun but...

well, i broke down on friday and got a new game for my PS3.  i was stuck between Lair or Warhawk.  Lair looked crazy cool and beautiful but warhawk seemed like a blast to play (played the beta a few times via a backdoor trick). 

after hearing about a few of the iffy reviews on Lair and its controls, i decided to go the warhawk route.

the game is a blast to play and looks very nice.  however there are a few issues that really need to be addressed.

(prob #1 topic on most ps3 forum boards this weekend, hehe) fix the stat tracking!!  no one's stats are being updated and the servers also seem to be crashing and in turn causing my PS3 to lockup.  And give us a addon or update to add basic campaigns. i'd pay $5 for that.

however, besides those two minor issues, the game is really fun.  if your into the whole fps online game, this is it for the ps3.  i personally love team death match - dogfight styled.  i have not had any lag in game at all just a few lockups requiring me to restart my ps3.

oh yea, it seems that the install you do from the warhawk disc really does save the whole game to the ps3's harddrive.  basically, all the disc is needed for is to load the game, once you get past the intro screen you can popout the disc and play without it.

hmmm, perhaps this will be used as a backdoor hack.  anywho, back to flying!

...wait... it appears the scea servers in warhawk are down again.  hopefully to fix the problem or for maintence; guess i'll host my own.

if your bored, find me on warhawk:  seamonkey420