Monday, October 01, 2007

help sites that aren't that helpful....

i admit it, i don't always have a solution for a problem and in turn need to use the power of the web and google to assist. 

for the most part, most 'howto' and 'help' web sites are pretty good.  however, every once in a while i'll run into one that REQUIRES you to register to view any of the responses.  an example, experts exchange (  is a site that is like this.

i HATE these type of sites.  the most annoying part about these sites is that google seems to always put them at the top of most searches.  why would i want to join a site and in turn have to pay a fee to register to see a fix that was submitted by users? like most people, i just move on and find a more 'helpful' site that i can read the fix w/o having to register or pay.

this is why i applaud and love TechRX since you can read any of the recipes, without having to sign up or register or pay.

just a quick rant of mine i had to get off my chest, back to my research.