Saturday, October 06, 2007

sony and its lack to support the multimedia functions of PS3

well, its been about 6 months now since i've had my ps3 and so far i'm not really regretting its purchase.  however, i have been VERY DISAPPOINTED with sony and its  lack of adding any functionality to the multimedia playback options of the PS3.  yes, they tout the PS3 as being more than a gaming machine but still leave us with a GIMPED media player and options.

where the hell is the playlist option?? i mean, seriously i can write a freaking dos batch file to make a playlist so i don't think making a PS3 option should be that hard.. hell i'd be happy with it being just a script that adds the direct song path to a text file that the XMB can read as a playlist..

and where is our search options??? you know long it takes to scroll from A to P when you have over 7000 songs on your PS3?

also, why does it hang trying to load songs? doesn't this  baby have a 3.0ghz cell processor? shouldn't basic mp3 playback be pretty lax on the cpu?


sorry, just got super annoyed tonight trying to play songs on the PS3 but the PS3 didnt' show them under the artist grouping (even though they were properly tagged) and took almost 5 minutes to get from the A artists to the Z artists..  i've noticed a degradation in performance w/the recent firmware updates to the media areas..

aiy.. peace