Friday, November 09, 2007

gaming and downloadable content (DLC); how i would do it

downloadable content, micro-transactions; the buzz words for 2007 and how developers feel they can gain extra revenue off a base product/game.

i've blogged previously about my disgust of downloadable content that IS NOT FREE.  in my opinion, downloadable content seems to be overpriced and usually things that SHOULD have been in the final game.

as an avid console gamer, i do not appreciate having to spend about $60 on a game and then perhaps $5 here and there for add-ons.  the warhawk DLC SHOULD BE FREE after the pain and suffering us early purchasers went through w/the servers and glitches. 

if it was up to me, i would make the DLC free for a game.  why? whats the incentive from selling the DLC?

its easy, imo its more profitable to sell a whole game for $60 vs $5 for the DLC. wouldn't it be a better plan to sell more copies of the game itself by making DLC free vs not selling nearly as many since some are turned off by the idea of DLC being an extra cost? By making the DLC a no cost feature, the consumer is more likely to consider it.  i know if a game has free DLC, it would be the tie-breaking feature if i were choosing between two games. 

another thing that can happen is that the consumer feels the company/developers are really just trying to make a good game and perhaps didn't have the full time to get all the features in.  i like to have confidence in the developers /companies that make the games i buy.  when i have this confidence in a company,  i will in turn try out a game from them i may never have tried knowing it should be similar in content and perhaps also have free DLC.  

the current state of the world is more an idea of open source/open sharing.  however, not all entities in charge like this idea since they don't always get paid or fear change. why can't companies actually go online and listen to us on the forums boards and blogs more often?  free R&D i tell ya.  some are starting but more should.

Plus, we are already paying for our internet connection to get DLC to start with and most likely have upgraded our TVs to HDTVs.  For this geek on a budget, anything free is always a bonus!

But what do i know, i'm just a geek and a gamer. :)