Wednesday, November 07, 2007

PS3 2.0 firmware released.. no ingame music or xmb :(

well, sony finally did it and released firmware version 2.0 for the PS3.. for most PS3 faithfuls, this was supposed to be the FIXITALL one that would give us ingame XMB and custom music at the very least.  however, 2.0 does not seem to live up to its version number.. hehe..

things that are fixed taken from the playstation blog :

-xmb theme settings
-music/video/photo playlists (FINALLY!)
-remote play wake on lan (psp can wake ps3 from sleep for remote play)
-more music/video/photo organizing options
-addition of information bar (displays only content sony feeds, no custom RSS feed options)
-new category: Playstation Network; account management and the playstation store reside here (HOME i assume will eventually)

being one who uses his PS3 for music quite a bit, the playlist is a much wanted feature for me, trying to control your music otherwise was nearly impossible if you have over 7,000 songs.

the lag when playing music and then looking through the library so far seems to be corrected a little but there is still a little lag; seems like the PS3 is just running out of memory when your doing that which shouldn't be a problem w/the power it has..
adding music to a playlist is pretty easy, and the grouping by Year is also nice. however, i still wish that i could use my keyboard to find my music and there was a basic search option so we can add music to our playlist while its playing... perhaps someday... :)

the XMB does seem a bit quicker and the theme settings are a nice added bonus.

however, the lack of ingame XMB or music is very disappointing; perhaps 2.10 will have that.. :)