Wednesday, December 26, 2007

video - Ubuntu 7.10 on my TC1100 w/tablet and digitizer working

[youtube 1rvnK9SmXfg]

-view post to see embedded video!

-video demo of my HP TC1100 dual booting w/XP Tablet Ed2005 and Ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy gibbon). also a quick demo of using the digitizer/pen in Ubuntu; my first attempt at a 'tabuntu' machine (not coined by me, tabuntu = tablet ubuntu device!) and also how the onboard keyboard looks/works.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

a walk on the alternative side: ubuntu on my hp tc1100 tablet

being as big of a geek as i am, i admit that i am a bit disappointed in myself for not really getting onto the whole linux bandwagon a while back.  linux, imo, is the uber geekiest of all operating systems and should come naturally to me since i did mess around in AIX (unix variant) and kornshell scripting.

a few weekends back, i fixed up an 'about to be junked' laptop and was able to revive it w/a few hardware swapouts (new hd, memory) and a full disassemble and clean (pop was spilled on it).  since i now had a decent laptop along w/my tablet i figured i'd remove my vista from my tablet (since it ran a bit sluggish and i downgraded my memory to a 512mb stick) and in turn install ubuntu.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

video - sony locationfree tv in action

[youtube rZYuNdA-Jcw]
(whats with not being able to embed video in wordpress?? or is it just me?)

more to come! psp and remote use upcoming..

update: youtube embed fixed! q and davak are the men! hehe.. thanks guys! :)

a real, live sony locationfreetv setup in the wild! (ie in my apt)

well.. this week i was able to get my little geeky mits onto a fun little device i've been eyeing for a while now; Sony's LocationFreeTV LF-X11 unit and lcd/screen.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

thoughts on guitar hero 3 and rock band for my ps3

a few weeks back, i broke down and got Guitar Hero 3 for my PS3.  the main reason being that it was $70 cheaper than Rock Band (yes, i know that you get a guitar, drum set, and mic w/it) and was out then.  however, after playing Guitar Hero 3 religously for the last few weeks with my pals, i realized that Rock Band would really be fun since we could all be playing at once.