Tuesday, December 18, 2007

a real, live sony locationfreetv setup in the wild! (ie in my apt)

well.. this week i was able to get my little geeky mits onto a fun little device i've been eyeing for a while now; Sony's LocationFreeTV LF-X11 unit and lcd/screen.

this unit is now already a year old but really seemed to be the answer to my problem of tv in my room.  i wanted a way to be able to quickly access tv via an internet connection without lag or horrible quality and without running a seperate pc as a server (ie easy, console-ish).  previously i had tried several other solutions and really did not like the results. some people rave over Orb but i was not so impressed however it may been much improved since i was using it from the beta phase to the first 3 months after going public.

so, i setup the LocationFreeTV base in my room via a wired connection to my wifi router/switch and then tv via standard composite (pure SDTV, no HD here baby) and my DVD Player via S-Video and RCA audio.  Powered on the base and it just blinked and flashed some purty blue and green lights (remember, its just a base).

I then powered up the LCD Viewing Panel (touchscreen, runs a very slim os w/a basic web browser, email client (imap, pop3), and of course the tv/video viewing. the touchscreen has a nice bubble-ish feel when you push it (nice feedback) and has a stylus and of course runs on a removable battery.  i believe it is a 12inch monitor.  it also has a MS slot and has wifi and wired network jacks and also headphone jack. it is a bit big but hey, its nice to bring into the kitchen when a game is on or a show.

enjoy my quick video runthrough on using it and just actually seeing a locationfreetv setup in action.  seriously, how many people do you konw who has one? btw, setup for the panel itself was cake, it found the base instantly.  i'll do a follow up on how the remote location works and also installing the client on my vaio and my psp (most likely will have to add it to my CFW that i'm running since the default install did not include it) and also see if my ps3 sees it on the network.

some geeky av fun coming up it appears! :)  i will be posting the videos and pics in a new post when i get back home. :)