Sunday, January 20, 2008

my ps3 and adding music album art (video)

this year i've decided to take up a few of my older projects that i never really got very far on.  another one of those projects was ripping of all of my movies from dvd to a high-quality digital format, such as wmv-hd or divx-hd or mp4.  with the latest firmware updates adding support now for more of the HD formats such as divx and wmv, i figured i finally had a device which would be worthy of hosting my fav movies.  plus, i had previously converted a few movies to avi and mpg as a test and loved being able to quit out of a game and go into a movie. 

here's a quick tip on how to get album art added to your music (sadly, it is a manual process but works pretty well and is done on the ps3).  read more to see the video.

Adding album art on the PS3:

just go to google images in the PS3 browser, search for the album art, save it to the ps3 harddrive, and then go information and update the album art.  check out my video below along w/a demo of the Gaia equalizer and videos from the hdd.

[youtube uejjnQOa6-k]

(see post to view embedded vid or go here )

you'll notice that i now have a few movies on my hdd too;  i really like being able to just fire up one of my fave movies instantly (no looking for the disc and getting off my couch.. ;)  hehe).  i upgraded to a 160GB hdd and have about 60GBs free since i put about 30-40gb of my music on it and now a ton more in video files.  

i may just get an external 200gb harddrive to use to save the videos on; i assume playback should be the same/similar.  hmmm, i may have to keep my eye out for some good external hdd deals.. Â