Monday, January 14, 2008

where are the cool watches?? dick tracy would be disappointed...

i remember as a kid loving watches.   the telememo watches by Casio back in the day was the 'coolest' gadget this geek could ever play with as a 10 yr old.  as a kid, i had prob about 12 different watches; including the Nintendo Super Maio 3 and Tetris game watches (still have and they work), several Casio telememo watches, a few traditional windup pocket watches, and of course the usual cheap $5 digital watch.

in the late 80s and early 90s, watches were a pretty common accessory that almost every single person had.  however as cellphones started to become mainstream and used by almost everyone, the wrist watch really started its downward spiral into obscurity and in turn being mainly just a 'fashion' accessory versus being a functional accessory.

so i ask this, where the hell are the cool watches?? no, i don't mean the ones that require me to learn a whole new language or time system or ones that have a mp3 player built in or gps ( ).

nope, all i want is this:

a stylish watch that can:

1. display the time able to glow when i have an incoming call on my phone

3. show me if there are any wifi networks and the signal strength

4. and have the time display be customizable (diff colors or backgrounds)

Thats all i ask for!!  these are all reasonable and doable tasks since we have pens that show when you have a call, wifi network detectors built into clothing now. 

oh yea, at the watch should not cost more than $100 since well... it is only a watch when it comes down to it. :)

EDIT: did have a wifi watch;

but add a style like this concept and add bluetooth/mobile phones - and keep the price under $100 and i'm sold!