Monday, February 25, 2008

My 2008 Playstation3 Feature Wishlist

Well, a new year means a new list!  its been a while since i've written about my PS3-wishlist of features (ingame XMB FTW!!! still of course at the top of everyone's wishlist, along w/Home). 

i've always been told that once a person/thing stops receiving criticism is when you really have to start worrying about if people care anymore.  so in other words, i really care about my PS3 thus the creation of 'wishlists'. 

again, most of the features i am wanting are related to using the PS3 more as the multimedia hub that sony originally was pushing for or dreamed of than the gaming aspects (since really games are the solution to that one, duh!).  lets get onto my PS3 wishlist, keep reading for the list!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

taking a step back; what was the best upgrade you've purchased for your pc, EVER?

this week i realized that its about time for me to do a desktop system rebuild.  prior to the last year and a half, i had been on an upgrade rampage in regards to my desktop pc.  i initially built my very first desktop system back in 1998; it was an AMD Athlon (Slot A) 999mhz cpu w/ 512mb pc133 memory, a whooping 20gb harddrive and dvd/cd-rw combo drive and cost about $400 to build. 

through my upgrade bender i went through about 12 different computer cases, 10 motherboards, 6 video cards, and 3 monitors.   so with all of the components i went through, what was the best upgrade? 

my Dell 24" LCD Monitor hands-down!

i don't know if you have ever used a 24" widescreen monitor before but lets just say once you do you'll never go back.  i have friends who own/use crappy little 15" crt monitors or a 17" lcd and it baffles me on why one would not upgrade the one thing he/she uses each day?  if you have to use it or do use it on a daily basis, why not make it more enjoyable and better on the eyes?

i've had my dell for about 2 years now and would consider it to be the best pc upgrade ever.  prior to my dell 24" widescreen, i had a very decent standard 19" Lcd but it still wasn't enough desktop space for the stuff i was doing (photoshop, video editing/mixing, gaming, geeking).  my work 20" widescreen just doesn't seem the same, however having two of them does help though... :)

so, whats your best/favorite pc upgrade you've done? feel free to share in the comments. ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

PSP CFW 3.90: themes and using the network update feature (video)

if there is one name in the PSP hacking world that almost everyone knows, its Dark_Alex..Dark_Alex imo is a pure PSP coding genius.

up until CFW 3.90 M33 was released, i did my CFW updates manually by putting the installers on my duo... however, with 3.90 M33, i've decided that to update to M33-2 via the Network Update feature.

keep reading for the embedded quick vid on doing the update and me rambling on about PSP and PS3 connectivity.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

shaking a bad habit; turning off of my HDTV DVR and HDTV service

For those of you that have been living under a rock the last few months TV has been pretty bad since the Writers Guild went on strike.  So there hasn't been any new episodes on network TV since late 2007.   Many people and sources have discussed the seemingly decline in people watching TV as a form of entertainment; it seems more and more people are playing video games or watching movies w/the lack of new network tv.

 so after getting my Comcast bill last week and then realizing that i'm paying over $100 a month on cable and HDTV that i haven't watched for over 3 months; i called Comcast and did it.  i dropped my HDTV DVR and cable tv service (minus basic cable, since i needed that for my internet).  So HA! in your face network TV and Comcast! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

my new desk internet radio.. err.. my sony psp

If you don't mind me asking, how do you use your PSP?  do you game on it mainly or use it for movies or music? or is it your portable emulator?

 I use my PSP for almost everything besides gaming (PSP games that is).  Honestly, I have yet to really be blown away by any game yet.  I really liked Hot Shots and was addicted to it and thought GTA was pretty cool but wouldn't cause me to buy a PSP for it.   So, what do i use my PSP for? how do i use mine?

Thursday, February 07, 2008

the death of my sony dsc-t9... and pics of its guts!

well, sadly after nearly 2 years, my Sony Cybeshot DSC-T9 finally died.  of course, it had to be the first day on my vacation in Mexico and caused by me jumping into the ocean and landing on my camera and the sport/waterproof housing... (note to self, not seamonkey-ass proof though..)  

salt-water and electronics do not go very well, but even though my camera's lcd did not light up and only turned on by opening the front cover and then powering on; it still took some decent shots and video. 

however i decided that after i got back from my trip, i would put it out its misery and 'try' to fix it by a nice disassemble of my Cybershot DSC-T9.. btw, i didn't fix it... but am now waiting for the Sony Cybershot DSC-T300 (has the BIONZ sensor which is in the SLR versions) to be released in Mar and hopefully go down a bit i apr.  in the meantime, i'm trying to get me a used DSC-L1 to tie me over till apr (just a 4mp but its so nice and tiny and took great pics, i had one a while back).

anywho back to the disassemble, pics and notes below.  enjoy!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My PS3 and PSP w/CFW 3.90 and remoteplay (video)

todays video post will be a look at my PS3 running v2.10 firmware and my PSP running CFW 3.90 M33 (Dark Alex styled) and Remote Play. 

i'll be honest and admit that i've contemplated selling my PSP on quite a few occasions but right when i'm about to break down and do it, i stop myself.  the main reason i always stop myself is the potential for its bonding w/the PS3 and Remote play.  Only a very few games even support remoteplay and gaming (Lair supports remoteplay, you can play Lair on your PSP w/remoteplay) and if your running CFW its a hit or miss game depending on if a sony ps3 update will change code related to remoteplay apps (like last update and cfw 3.70, however there were ways around that).

anywho, the video below just shows a few of the newer features of the remoteplay including using the Gaia screensaver for music.