Monday, February 25, 2008

My 2008 Playstation3 Feature Wishlist

Well, a new year means a new list!  its been a while since i've written about my PS3-wishlist of features (ingame XMB FTW!!! still of course at the top of everyone's wishlist, along w/Home). 

i've always been told that once a person/thing stops receiving criticism is when you really have to start worrying about if people care anymore.  so in other words, i really care about my PS3 thus the creation of 'wishlists'. 

again, most of the features i am wanting are related to using the PS3 more as the multimedia hub that sony originally was pushing for or dreamed of than the gaming aspects (since really games are the solution to that one, duh!).  lets get onto my PS3 wishlist, keep reading for the list!

1.  Searching options in Music/Photos/Video.  Some of us do have the nice Logitech BT Keyboards and use them!  Also the ability to be able to edit metadata for multiple files at once would be nice too (for example, be in the Genre view and in a genre such as Other and the be able to select 8 songs and then edit the information for Genre to be Rock).

2.  Playlists in the Video area??? please??  I am working on a project to get all of my top 50 dvds i own into mp4 format and on my ps3 harddrive (which i plan to upgrade to a 250gb next week). 

3.  Ability to listen to music while in the Playstation store.  sure would be nice to have some background music while i'm perusing through the song lists for Rock Band.  Hell, give me the ability to listen to my music while i'm using the browser too! (you can listen to music while browsing but no music in the PSstore though..)  come on, the PS3 has more power than most of my laptops i have laying around.

3b. related to number 3, give me the PIP abilities on the XMB or in the browser/playstataion store to watch movies in a PIP window while i browse. ok, perhaps a bit excessive.. :P

4.  EXPAND THE HOME BETA!!  seriously, i for one would be testing the crap out of home.  do beta users get the ability to invite a few of their PS friends? one would hope so since that would in a  way defeat the purpose of the beta phase; who is going to interact w/complete strangers like they would with friends (in regards to how they would use Home)? 

plus, theres prob what me and 10 other people that use their PSP w/their PS3, that should count for something right?  and i even have a Location Free Setup running?? come on, show the seamonkey420 some GAP loving...

5.  speaking of Home, let me use my actual PSP w/my PS3 for HOME!!! :)  yea, that would be sweet! should be possible since both the psp and ps3 have decent processors for their given genres/classes. heck, you can easily emulate PS1 on a PSP (PSP runs similar to PS2 hardware).

6. get a single model/sku or atleast one that last longer than 6 months... heck, i say aim to the bluray player folks and sell a PS3 Movie pack that has a 20gb harddrive, same hardware as the 40gbs and drop another $100 off (why did they kill that 20GB model anyways? doesn't everyone know how easy the hard drive is to upgrade??). or even a possible BuildYouOwn PS3; you order a PS3 via Sony Style and in turn can choose the harddrive size from 20GB (free, no extra cost) to the max 250GB ($200 extra on base).??

7.  in the Friends / Messages area on the XMB, make it so that we have an actual INBOX and how about a nice "New Message" indicator in the XMB somewhere besides next to the person who sent you a message.  also, has anyone ever noticed how confusing / messy the messages history list is for each of your pals????    how about the ability to send voice messages instead of messages? 

8.  finally, PLEASE RELEASE SOME GOOD PSOne games!!! who wants to play jetmoto 3?? or crash 2?  WE WANT FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, Marvel vs Capcom, Gran Turismo 1 and 2!!  i bet if Sony were to get the licensing thing worked out w/Square and in turn convert Final Fantasy VII to a PS3/PSP download; that game alone would break almost every DLC record/sales set. 

top it off by including the game on a new PS3 in a Final Fantasy Pack (once FFXIII comes out in 2009) and bundled w/FFXIII; yea... money.. seriously, like Wii-money... hehe..

heck, how can you not be happy with making more money on something you've already made a TON of money off of?? plus, its not like its that hard to convert a PSone game to PSP; any somewhat geeky person can do this w/a PSP running CFW and autopopstation4 and the original PSone game or iso.

so for now, i'll just start with those items.  Sony has been doing a pretty good job at adding features to the firmware updates. almost all of my previous requests have been resolved/handled with a firmware update (minus the home, ingame xmb, and search abilities). i figure GTA IV itself will probably warrant a new firmware version (that is coming soon too! so perhaps GTA IV will use ingame XMB for music/radio??? hmmm... i know the bowling game allows me to access my music ingame so... might be a heck of a kicker if it did..)

and on a side note, i must say i'm pretty impressed lately with the PS3's normal DVD upconverting abilities. my standard dvds look pretty good, almost HD at times. 

i am also really digging having my converted DVDs to MP4 AVC on my PS3's harddrive.  so nice to have over 30 of my fave dvds at my fingertips (like a digital dvd changer!).

and finally..

BLURAY FTW!!!  sure glad i picked the right format.. :P

so phil is resigning from Sony eh? wonder if i have a chance.. haha! LMFAO.. keep dreaming geek boy....