Tuesday, February 12, 2008

my new desk internet radio.. err.. my sony psp

If you don't mind me asking, how do you use your PSP?  do you game on it mainly or use it for movies or music? or is it your portable emulator?

 I use my PSP for almost everything besides gaming (PSP games that is).  Honestly, I have yet to really be blown away by any game yet.  I really liked Hot Shots and was addicted to it and thought GTA was pretty cool but wouldn't cause me to buy a PSP for it.   So, what do i use my PSP for? how do i use mine?

Lately, my PSP has been my desk/office radio!  Yes, i know its prob one of the more expensive desk radios but it works pretty sweet especially with the fact that it now has the Internet Radio Player in the latest firmwares (both official and CFW 3.90 M33 has it).  When I got my PSP on launch, i also went crazy on all of the accessories and own a pretty nice and cheap dock for my PSP.  I also have my Logitech case for when i'm on the go that lets me use it as a radio/video player at work too.

I also like to watch live tv or a dvd on it via the Location Free Player and my full Location Free setup.  TV and DVD looks pretty decent on it since its a much smaller screen and runs well since i can either connect directly via  Private Network (wifi) or via normal wifi/internet (even though the latter does not have as good signal due to internet factor).

Or i can fire up my PS3 in the living room and put it into remote play mode and then watch any of my movies i have on my PS3 on the PSP or even queue up a playlist of the music i run on the PS3 and still be able to render video on my pc but still have music! btw, the latest firmwares for the PS3 fully adds Wake On Lan abilities for the PS3 and remoteplay.  Be sure to enable the options for both WOL from private connections and internet.  pretty sweet being able to now turn off and on your PS3 from anywhere w/an internet connection and your PSP! :)  good job Sony!

Yes, i know my setup seems excessive but if your PC is tied up rendering video or encoding video/audio most of the night its nice to have some background music running thats not my pc thats rendering. 

And of course I do game on it but mainly in emulator form (SNES or NES) or PSOne games converted to eboot.pbp.  I still do not understand what the f@#$ sony and square is thinking by NOT releasing Final Fantasy VII for the PSP/PS3.  They could easily push a million PSPs in less than a week by doing this; seriously do they not want to make money (again) on a title they wouldn't need to do a thing with.   My FFVII conversion to eboot.pbp runs like a charm and is about 700mb per disc (so about 2.3GB total; they could sell the game on a 4GB ms duo). 

And finally, i also like to use my PSP as a portable photo viewer.  By definition of being a Sony fanboy, I have a lot of sony stuff and in turn a TON of Memory Stick Duo cards.  The PSP is nice because it has a very pretty and big screen and since my camera and phone are sony made, i can just pop in my duo card and go to Photos and see them.  

So yes.. when it all comes down to it, yes i am a true sony fanboy and geek..   (PS3, PSP, W810i phone, Vaio laptop, AV 5.1 system, DSC-T9, LocaionFree TV LCD/Base and tons of MS Duo cards)

quick note: expect a 'life, gaming and the geek' post in the next few days. more to come!