Tuesday, February 19, 2008

shaking a bad habit; turning off of my HDTV DVR and HDTV service

For those of you that have been living under a rock the last few months TV has been pretty bad since the Writers Guild went on strike.  So there hasn't been any new episodes on network TV since late 2007.   Many people and sources have discussed the seemingly decline in people watching TV as a form of entertainment; it seems more and more people are playing video games or watching movies w/the lack of new network tv.

 so after getting my Comcast bill last week and then realizing that i'm paying over $100 a month on cable and HDTV that i haven't watched for over 3 months; i called Comcast and did it.  i dropped my HDTV DVR and cable tv service (minus basic cable, since i needed that for my internet).  So HA! in your face network TV and Comcast! 

in my opinion, the Writers Strike combined with the increased popularity of video games (more specifically, casual gaming) really shot network TV in the foot.   its pretty hard to justify spending that much money each month on a form of entertainment that is almost 15% commercials.  has anyone tried watching live network tv in the last year?  the amount of commercials and length of them is HORRIBLE!

i will never have cable tv without a DVR box; in my opinion DVR is a requirement in order to even watch TV and enjoy it.

so, i'm sticking with my video games.  instead of dropping a $100 a month on commercials, i'll go and get me a PS3 or Wii game and have pure entertainment. :) 

however, if i do get cable again, i plan to build my own DVR computer if they finally get more CableCard TV Tuners out however i may be able to score me an ATI one... hmmm.. new computer building time!