Thursday, February 07, 2008

the death of my sony dsc-t9... and pics of its guts!

well, sadly after nearly 2 years, my Sony Cybeshot DSC-T9 finally died.  of course, it had to be the first day on my vacation in Mexico and caused by me jumping into the ocean and landing on my camera and the sport/waterproof housing... (note to self, not seamonkey-ass proof though..)  

salt-water and electronics do not go very well, but even though my camera's lcd did not light up and only turned on by opening the front cover and then powering on; it still took some decent shots and video. 

however i decided that after i got back from my trip, i would put it out its misery and 'try' to fix it by a nice disassemble of my Cybershot DSC-T9.. btw, i didn't fix it... but am now waiting for the Sony Cybershot DSC-T300 (has the BIONZ sensor which is in the SLR versions) to be released in Mar and hopefully go down a bit i apr.  in the meantime, i'm trying to get me a used DSC-L1 to tie me over till apr (just a 4mp but its so nice and tiny and took great pics, i had one a while back).

anywho back to the disassemble, pics and notes below.  enjoy!

the only tool you will need is a small screwdriver.  thats all.  :) 

remove all of the screws on the camera; they are all visible and are not hidden by any labels. 

now pull off the front camera housing (the slider side, not the lcd side!)

now remove the black shielding on the mainboard (this is hiding the ribbon connectors)

once you have that off you can see all of the ribbons that connect the lenses to the mainboard, the button connectors and also the lcd connectors.

the connectors flip up and the cables to the lenses will slide out.

the bottom multi-cable plugin can be removed as well if you are going to be taking the camera fully apart and out of the housing (minus the lcd, i left that alone)

then the rest is mainly just unplugging the cables (the underside ones just pull out and push back in). once you have all of the cables unplugged, you can partially pull out the area that the battery goes into (plastic) and then remove the main board.

once you do that, you can then remove the capacitor (i believe.. hehe) / speaker thingy..

voila! a gutted DSC-T9.. rest in piece my friend..  :P