Sunday, March 02, 2008

the parting of ways: selling of my HP TC1100 tablet and getting my eee on...

well... its official...  i sold my TC1100 tablet pc today on eBay.  my work did decide to go the route of the Dell Latitude XT tablets (heck yea!) and in turn i'll be getting one from work so i figured i'd sell my ole sturdy, fun baby; my tc1100.  she's been a great companion but lately has been sitting on my desk just gathering dust since i have a vaio in the living room and an XT at my desk at work (along w/3 other laptops or parts of them and 2 desktops; gotta love hardware rollouts and testing!)

i still wish other tablet makers would try the TC1100s combination slate/convertible design.  ahh, the  memories i've had with my TC1100.. installing of vista and ubuntu; rekindling my love of ubuntu, the failed attempts of OSX, perfection of usb booting and ghosting.. 

(pours some beer on the floor) for my tablet..  :P

so, now what do i get w/that money from selling my tablet?  i was thinking of getting my camera since that would be coming out here in the next couple weeks (Sony Cybershot DSC-T300) but realized that i will be doing a TON of traveling for work in the next couple of months and also will be going to the WES 2008 conference too.  so i decided that i needed a good mobile, surfing and basic word processing/writing/blogging computer. 

i think we all know where this is going. :)  so.. after some reading, debating and finance checking.. i broke down and did it.

Went onto Newegg and ordered me an Asus eee PC, 2gb memory stick and a 16GB SDHC class 6 card. :)  hehe.. i hope to have it by this wed and have my custom XP lite os running. i also ordered another super slim Bluetooth usb dongle so i can tether the eee w/my phone for surfing anywhere...  i'm very curious to see how running apps off of the 16GB SDHC will work; it is a class 6 so that should be fast enough. 

so i hope to get up a nice quick look video on the Eee pc (yes, there tons already out there but i figure i gotta get my up.. hehe).

btw, jkOnTheRun (always a great place for excellent tablet pc, umpc and portable news) has a nice write up on the draw of smaller devices