Monday, May 26, 2008

there's a geek in us all... family edition

this holiday weekend i decided to head up to my parent's farm to spend some time with them and relaxing in the middle of nowhere. 

to my surprise, the first thing i notice in my parent's living room is a nice ole 40" Samsung LCD HDTV.  Bravo mom and dad!!  Most of my pals don't even own hdtvs but yet my retired, ex-farming parents do.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

upgrade time! retooling of my setup, system, way of computing

a few posts back i had mentioned that i was contemplating a full system upgrade either by building a totally new desktop or by going the laptop route.  well, this week i finally made my decision.  choosing between mobility/convenience vs raw power and upgradability is a hard choice for me since i'd like to have all four things at once (which you really can't get in a desktop since well its a desktop and stuff). 

yup, a laptop would fit me the best right now.

however, after making my decision i realized that not only was i going to be getting a fast new laptop vs a desktop but i also was in turn going to be changing the way i computed, worked.

Friday, May 16, 2008

WES 2008 wrapup thoughts

well, WES 2008 came and now gone.  for my first conference/convention it went very well.  i wish i would have planned a bit more for it but nonetheless i got a ton of good blackberry info and met some very interesting vendors.

the introduction the blackberry bold was probably one of the highlights since i got to get my hands on before it hits the stores and retail sector.  it is a VERY nice blackberry and again shows RIM's continued vision of its products and meeting the customer needs/desires.  up until the pearl was released; blackberry's were pretty fugly.  they really did not need to be pretty since they did what they did very well and that was all that mattered initially.

ray kurzweil was very fun to listen to speak and gave me back my optimistic view on technology and humanity.  perhaps technology will the unifying component that can bring the human species together.  2029 seems to be an amazing time era to be in since a ton of breakthrough events should be happening around then.

my BES certification went, well.. yea, i'll be retaking it lets just say.  however, i half expected that since i have never installed a BES or was even involve in the implementation of the bes servers or got any training. 

and finally, i realized how amazingly convenient and awesome having EVDO Rev A built into my Dell XT Tablet.  i tried to use my Wifi but just got sick of the problems of trying to find a good hotspot or a strong signal whereas my sprint evdo modem got signal everywhere.

this weekend, i will be continuing on in my laptop vs desktop upgrade series.  i think i have finally made a decision and will explain which route i plan to go (lets just say i won't be committing to either side quite yet).

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

seamonkey's WES 2008 recap [2008-05-14]

  • signing off for the day and gonna unwind... cya tomorrow.. #

  • fueled and ready for more wes activities, mainly in breakout sessions today. general session at 2pm #

  • WES2008 general session starts in less than 30 mins. more live blogging to twitter coming up! #

  • @sarahzielie i know!! i can't believe she heads to alaska today.. hell of a roadie!! :) #

  • @kimberlyreed have a fun and safe roadie to alaska! can't believe i won't see ya till aug. i'll be following your twitts! #

  • yes, i am in the front row, hehe. its bright! #

  • 10 mins until start, co-ceo of rim will be speaking today and awards will be given #

  • bob picciano from ibm also speaking #

  • ray kurzweil speaking too, excited to hear him speak! #

  • i really want a wall of leds for my room! so sweet looking. should be starting any moment #

  • WES 2009 will be May 5 to 7 next year #

  • wireless leadership awards video playing #

  • jim balsillie handing out awards #

  • innovation in public sector - city of new york and telnav #

  • innovation in private sector - britisch american tobacco #

  • business impact - jp morgan chase and co #

  • bob picciano taking the stage. general mgr for ibm #

  • speaking on collaboration enabled business optimization #

  • the world now produces more transistors than grains of rice #

  • opportunities offer challenges, embrace virtual workplace #

  • new initiatives increasingly focused on optimization #

  • ibms strategy; offer a full eco system of integrated mobile apps that hook to corp dbs and assetts #

  • showing ibm apps that leverage the mobile/virtual office #

  • ray kurzweil speaking next #

  • the web within us: when minds and machines become one #

  • progress is exponential #

  • health and our body will enter the info tech era #

  • genome is the code of humans #

  • info tech influences all that we do care about, gave several examples in the bio world #

  • solar technology example #

  • the future can be predicted, atleats the overall impact of it #

  • demoing a device to read pics and text for the blind, very cool #

  • takes pic and uses voice feedbacks #

  • device also can translate to by sending data to a server that ocrs images and translates #

  • has his own 3d conferencing in his house #

  • countdown to singularity #

  • explaining the shift of paradigms #

  • 3d computing is the future and most likely the way computing paradigm may shift #

  • will everything become information? #

  • end of the show! but what a great speaker and session! that should wrap up my wes twitting. peace #

  • nothing like working via citrix in florida by the pool w/a corona in hand.. hehe... :) (rubbing it in!!) #

  • @ahbanks @ShamansTears hehe.. yea.. btw, i am now inside drinking a nice ole budweiser.. wait bud?? no blue moon.. :( #

  • btw, according to our futurist, 2029 is gonna be one hell of a year.. :) machines will pass the turing test.. :) #

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

seamonkey's WES 2008 recap [2008-05-13]

  • finally in orlando. weather is SO GREAT! steak is sounding good too! #

  • getting prepped for WES.... blogging time! @davak good to hear your pal is doing well! :) #

  • @kimberlyreed @sarahzielie chicago was a blast! minus the crappy ass road work.. boo to construction!! #

  • testing my twitter in facebook.. #

  • last test.. #

  • enroute to wes2008. need coffee for sure! #

  • so many blackbrry geeks! hehe #

  • pretty lights and big lcds. i'm a fan of both. welcome event starts in a few #

  • decent 80s hair metal background music, 1 min till star! #

  • about 5000 attendees for WES #

  • mike lazaridis on stage and welcoming us to the 7th WES #

  • about 14 mil subscribers, 28 mil devices sold #

  • 8500 RIM employees and all use a blackberry #

  • 2day dev cycle of facebook app for blackberry, impressive! #

  • introduces the new Blackberry Bold, looks pretty sweet!!! #

  • cant wait to get my hands on the bold later today. wonder if there will be more device releases #

  • whats next? maintence free blackberries, low cost devices and stability #

  • BES updates will help bring whats next. also talking about docstogo editing in OS updates #

  • new browser update also coming and now getting rid of pbx office phone with blackberry and backend integrations #

  • blackberry is the top selling smartphone in the USA in 2007 #

  • mike de la cruz is up now #

  • speaking on future of enterprise software and blackberry usuage of such apps on devices #

  • prosumer and integrating enterprise apps for them to get away from using pc while on the road. #

  • demo of his vision on his Bold! running SAP on his bold #

  • sap hooks into companies backend, dynamic rich data on the device end. demo of logging a call in the field with sap and blackberry #

  • next speaker, james m kilts #

  • spaeking of warren buffets success story in investing #

  • 'find what you like to do best... and find someone to pay you to do it' a good quote indeed! :) #

  • explains his 'circle of doom' cycle #

  • integrity, enthuasin, action and understanding are keys to turnaround according to kilts #

  • kilts explaining the keys to a turnaround and giving examples of nabisco and gillette #

  • more kilt examples #

  • recap on the 4 keys; integrity, enthusiasm, action and understanding #

  • should be a fun party tonight too! thats all for wes related tweets for now :) #

  • got a little hands on loving with the new Bold and it is pretty nice! looks and feels good and sturdy! #

  • so crazy seeing so many people on blackberries :) #

  • wow, i realized how annoying ppl that cant shut up in a presentation is so annoying #

  • i need a nap! haha, geek convention is tiring :) #

  • @davak twitter is pretty nice for live blogging, hopefully noy yoo annoying for everyone #

  • @katievs hehe, sounds like me and facebook last nite ;) #

  • in a nice docstogo for blackberry demo, still no pdf support though :( #

  • holy crazy fires in fl! dang! #

Monday, May 12, 2008

seamonkey's WES 2008 recap [2008-05-12]

  • getting ready to head out for WES2008! orlando here i come!! #

  • at airport, waiting for flight. hope its not delayed! #

  • @qmchenry showoff i just surfed the web :) #

its my first.... WES 2008

'i swear, your my first...'   ... computer/geek convention that i've attended mind you! :)  well, after a slightly delayed flight, uber long ride from the airport to my hotel, i finally made it to Orlando, FL; the site for WES 2008. 

i hope to be blogging from WES this week from my (who would have thought) blackberry.  so far my early speculations were on the money (but then again, these were the 'given' speculations/rumors that we all knew were going to happen), RIM is releasing a new handheld over WES called the Bold.  Supposedly I'll get me a little hands-on on time hopefully tomorrow in the Solutions area; however i do not believe i will be able to snap any pics or videos in that area though. i will also be tagging these next WES related posts in my WES2008 category to make referencing them a bit easier.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

my blackberry app of the moment: viigo

as many of you may or may not be aware but next week WES2008 will kick off down in Orlando.  what is WES?  WES = Wireless Enterprise Symposium, basically its THE blackberry event of the year.  i will be attending the conference/convention this year and hopefully will be posting updates from the event. 

so, what is this viigo appliation?  basically its an RSS reader for your blackberry.  however, viigo offers several deeper features such as partnering with CTIA and WES to let you view your conference/convetion schedule; allows one to import ones own Bloglines, Google Reader, or My Yahoo! links. 

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

rethinking of my computing setup...

i am a desktop user.  period.  ... or am i?

i started my computing history of course with desktops since well they were more accessible than the early portables (ie uber crazy prices for the times for the early laptops).  the apple IIe to the powerpc to a packard-bell 75mhz to my first computer/laptop toshiba 133mhz.  i then built my first desktop system, an AMD Slot A, 900mhz Athlon and about 20+ more systems.

anywho, davak's recent blogs about helping his dad find a new computer has me really rethinking my setup.  currently i run a rather older (well imo older, Athlon 64 x2 cpu, socket 939; 2gb ddr1, 1.5+TBs of space) desktop which really needs to be updated if not replaced all together.  i also have an even older Athlon 64 htpc setup that just sits and collects dust but yet would not be worth even trying to sell. 

so what do i do? 

davak posted a nice follow up on this, desktop vs laptop, which really got me thinking.

i know that if i go with a more powerful laptop i won't just toss my current desktop setup in the trash or sell it for pennies on ebay.  as a computer user, i've definetely come of age recently ie am 'starting to get old', hehe or so it seems.  work has become a bit more demanding and having a more portable solutions seems more viable.  however when i am at home though i do want to still be able to do the more powerful things i do normally with my desktop such as rendering 720p video i've created or just sd video rendering or basic web server/file server features. 

also as a side note, i saw the best buy deal this last weekend for a toshiba a205-s5825 laptop for a mere $450 and got one and am so far pretty impressed with it for the price.  so the price of a decent new laptop (non mac one that is) is within the 1000us dollars range, imo.  a decent desktop would prob cost me around the same price if i built new from scratch and did not reuse parts (which i prob would not).  yes, the desktop would by default be more powerful but i really do not plan to game on my pc. my main uses these days are hd content, video, music, productivity (office), photoshop, web work.

so.. what do i do?  hmmm... to be continued....

Thursday, May 01, 2008

GTA IV quick take.. (ps3)

well, i'll admit it.  i really never got into GTA III prior to GTA IV's release. it may have been due to the fact that i passed that generation of console gaming for pc gaming (ah..  imo, kind of the glory days of pc gaming thus far; tons of good games and the fact that your hardware outpaced game requirements was nice on the pocket book too!). 

i really wasn't sure what to expect with GTA IV on my Playstation3 ; i had played GTA III a few times at my pals and on my psp but i never for more than 20 minutes.  GTA IV's hype was pretty huge especially with the release of the first batch of reviews giving it mainly 10/10, perfects.  so my impressions are not of a GTA vetern but of a newb after 3 hours of gameplay (not watching others play, hehe).

First things first, the intro is very well done.  gives you a movie feel and warms you up to getting down and dirty. ;)