Thursday, May 01, 2008

GTA IV quick take.. (ps3)

well, i'll admit it.  i really never got into GTA III prior to GTA IV's release. it may have been due to the fact that i passed that generation of console gaming for pc gaming (ah..  imo, kind of the glory days of pc gaming thus far; tons of good games and the fact that your hardware outpaced game requirements was nice on the pocket book too!). 

i really wasn't sure what to expect with GTA IV on my Playstation3 ; i had played GTA III a few times at my pals and on my psp but i never for more than 20 minutes.  GTA IV's hype was pretty huge especially with the release of the first batch of reviews giving it mainly 10/10, perfects.  so my impressions are not of a GTA vetern but of a newb after 3 hours of gameplay (not watching others play, hehe).

First things first, the intro is very well done.  gives you a movie feel and warms you up to getting down and dirty. ;)

controls are good for a open world game; i would say similar to Assassins Creed but more refined, accurate moving. driving varies due to the car your driving but after a few runs in the car you'll get the hang of it.  there is a cinematic view (hold the O button) too.  i haven't gotten too far to really see what else you can do (tons of things from what i've heard).   Dualshock/rumble is nice to have again and works well in the game.  Avoid the sixaxis controls like the plague; they just plain suck but hey atleast its not mandatory to use them (thank you rockstar!!)

graphics look very good. night and shadow scenes did seem a bit darker than most games but that was fixed by me just adjusting the brightness and contrast settings in the game options.   sound is great and again shows one more thing that the current gen of consoles bring; sound immersion; true dolby/dts digital support.  i love how you can track a helicopter by your speakers!  i hear him behind me and to the left and bam, there he is. :)

storyline/gameplay are addicting and very adult oriented.  SO PARENTS REMEMBER M for Mature means MATURE; not for kids.  

multiplayer is pretty cool, however not cool was the fact that it didn't work the release day due to problems w/rockstars servers but that was fixed the next day.  i played my pal for 20 minutes in freeplay mode and it was pretty fun and i could see it becoming really addicting.  using the in-game cell phone is a bit weird at first for communicating but after while you get used to it.  you use your phone to start multiplayer games, go online, invite friends.  GTA really did set the tone for sandbox styled games and again takes it to the next level. 

so does GTA IV live up to its hype? i think so! i'm not even a GTA vetern but i can see how its going make money and keep me busy for quite some time.  especially w/the multiplayer online action and the fact that prob all of your PSN pals have it and you can invite them to some action! 

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