Monday, May 12, 2008

its my first.... WES 2008

'i swear, your my first...'   ... computer/geek convention that i've attended mind you! :)  well, after a slightly delayed flight, uber long ride from the airport to my hotel, i finally made it to Orlando, FL; the site for WES 2008. 

i hope to be blogging from WES this week from my (who would have thought) blackberry.  so far my early speculations were on the money (but then again, these were the 'given' speculations/rumors that we all knew were going to happen), RIM is releasing a new handheld over WES called the Bold.  Supposedly I'll get me a little hands-on on time hopefully tomorrow in the Solutions area; however i do not believe i will be able to snap any pics or videos in that area though. i will also be tagging these next WES related posts in my WES2008 category to make referencing them a bit easier.


i'm not sure what to expect at a convention/conference but am really excited.  the only downfall is that this last week has been a pretty crazy one (in a good way!) with my road trip to Chicago this last weekend and the mad OT the prior week to prep for WES and being gone for a week.  however, i have had a lot of time to now test the Dell XT tablet as a travel tablet and its making me love it again (more to come on that at a later time).  i think the best part about it is the built-in EVDO modem so i have internet anywhere, no more wifi hotspot fishing. 

getting back to WES, i honestly expected RIM to unveil or announce a touchscreen blackberry this week but am not so sure now with the unveiling/announcing of the Bold.  also expect to hear about DocsToGo for the blackberry and also a ton of new OS and BES/backend software updates from RIM and of course other blackberry related goodies from the vendors. 

hopefully my brain doesn't explode from joy by all of the blackberry goodness.  more to come tomorrow!