Thursday, May 08, 2008

my blackberry app of the moment: viigo

as many of you may or may not be aware but next week WES2008 will kick off down in Orlando.  what is WES?  WES = Wireless Enterprise Symposium, basically its THE blackberry event of the year.  i will be attending the conference/convention this year and hopefully will be posting updates from the event. 

so, what is this viigo appliation?  basically its an RSS reader for your blackberry.  however, viigo offers several deeper features such as partnering with CTIA and WES to let you view your conference/convetion schedule; allows one to import ones own Bloglines, Google Reader, or My Yahoo! links. 

the latest Beta preview adds a very web 2.0 look to the UI and now breaks up items into categories so that my Google reader feeds will end up in the News & RSS category. 

you can also setup feed limits such as max number of articles get, media-rich content, update intervals.  so far in the beta you cannot change the category that feeds are assigned when imported.

it appears there are several channels that are not used yet but will be soon such as Audio/Podcasts, Travel, Local Interests.  I can somehow see viigo implementing perhaps a google api to piggyback data from google's local search/maps into viigo.

so if your looking for a new free RSS feed reader, give viigo a try.  you can get it at on your desktop or on your blackberry.