Monday, May 26, 2008

there's a geek in us all... family edition

this holiday weekend i decided to head up to my parent's farm to spend some time with them and relaxing in the middle of nowhere. 

to my surprise, the first thing i notice in my parent's living room is a nice ole 40" Samsung LCD HDTV.  Bravo mom and dad!!  Most of my pals don't even own hdtvs but yet my retired, ex-farming parents do.

i am pretty proud of my parent's and their thirst to use new technologies and not to be totally afraid of them.  my mom and dad visited my apartment for the first time in several years last year and ever since my mom couldn't stop asking about my tv and hdtv.  she even went out and bought the Planet Earth set on DVD but later realized that she got a DVD vs what she saw at my place being the HDTV version (on cable, hdtv).

tonight i am looking up some HDTV packages for DirecTV so they can really enjoy the hdtv. my dad was pretty excited about it since his weather looked so much bigger and brighter! :)

anywho, on my way back to minneapolis i stopped at a pals place.  (he and his aunt are probably in the top elite 5% of xbox360 and wii modders.  they have been modding since day one but they are unknown since they work offline, legalities, etc).  he just got Wii fit on friday so i thought i'd try it out.

it was pretty easy to setup and at first was a bit weird to get used but once i found a good angle to point the board at the tv i was good to go.  i could see it helping with flexibility and also being good to help one get used to following a routine/workout plan.  will it help you get in shape or fit? guess we'll find out in the next few months since i would assume a few sites/people/bloggers are probably doing tests to see if they lose weight, gain muscle, etc with it.

on a final note, my laptop arrived in the USA according to Fedex, the first thing i plan to do (after doing a cleanup and full ghost backup) is try to get OSX Leopard running on it and then dual boot it w/my vista home premium.  figured since my HP DV6700T has the identical specs as the latest macbook pro (penryn 2.4ghz, 4gb ram, 250gb hdd, geforce dedicated video) it should work pretty well.Â