Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time Consumption: tagging my photos

well,with my new laptop i've decided to use Vista as my main OS on it since it runs Vista very nicely/like vista should be ran.  (which is kind of funny cuz vista is like xp was; us users were unwilling to spend more money to upgrade our hardware for the OS.  however once we did, we realized it wasn't that bad of an OS and now are finally loving, ie windows xp).

vista seems to rely more on metadata tags for searching.  the os as a whole integrates its ability to read this metadata very nicely.  i'll give you a quick example of my just recent use/waste of my time tagging every digital photo i had (prob around 8,500 only).  this process took me about a week to do off and on.  i am using vista's built in photo manager (it is a pretty decent one, i used to use picasa in xp but vista's native app is pretty good) to tag the photos and organize; photoshop cs3 of course is my flavor of editing software...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

the search for my next digital camera...

i've been without a 'real' digital camera (being one thats not a cell phone 2mp or my temp 4mp used sony) since about January of this year.  I originally had my DSC T9 that i loved and kept for almost 2 years.  however a fateful jump into the ocean in mexico combined w/my ass smashing the sport watercase = me looking for a new camera.

in the past, one of the main selling points of a camera for me was compact designs and fast startup/shooting times (for those random party moments, occasions).  however lately my needs are more video related w/camera features coming in second.  so the search begins!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

HP dv6700t and OS X Leopard (quick vid)

as promised in my review, here is a quick video of os x leopard running on my HP dv6700t.  i used the kalyway build and have it setup to use the Vista bootloader and the chain0 method to dual boot vista and leopard.

[youtube WzRwHKGMz9M]

i plan to post a few more videos, again i apologize for the static; still need to get a new digital camera! :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Review: HP Pavilion dv6700t CTO w/Blu-ray

HP Pavilion dv6700t CTO Laptop Review
by seamonkey420, 06/08/08


last week, i eagerly awaited and received my laptop (props to fedex and their excellent customer service!) that i built from HP.

prior to my purchase i had debated on whether i wanted to rebuild a new desktop computer or to go the laptop route and of course went the laptop route due to the fact that i was going to be traveling quite a bit this summer and i don't really pc game anymore either (or alteast hardcore game, fps, etc).

so lets take a look at my HP dv6700t (my machine is the maxed out version) and some of its fun features and specs and how OS X Leopard runs on it. :)  a video demo of vista and osx leopard will be posted later next week, along w/a demo of the hp hdtv tuner. keep reading for the my review!