Thursday, July 17, 2008

Me and my Wii, we can still be friends right?

well, its official.  my once loved and coveted Nintendo Wii and i have had a falling out.  the last year has been a pretty ugly one for the two of us.  it started as love at first site on launch day back that fateful november 18th in 2006.  however, after a great 6 month honeymoon, things started sliding. the slew of 'casual games' kept coming and coming, drowning the very few good AAA titles (of course Nintendo titles, Zelda, Super Mario, Metroid).

finally, it happened. i cheated on my Wii and got a PS3.  since my PS3 purchase, my wii and i haven't spoken very much.  i've taken the cowards path and been avoiding this day for quite some time but it had to happen....

Sunday, July 06, 2008

HP dv6700t: one month recap.

well, i've realized a few things recently after reviewing some of my older blog posts, recipes.  1) i need to check my posts a bit more prior to posting (dang you grammar!!)  and 2) i need to do more followups after i do reviews.

most of the time, i've realized i'm a bit 'geek-struck' when i first get a new device and do a review on it.  a real test of any new device, toy is the first month of using it.  to me, the first month is very critical month for owning a device.  if i am not woo'ed over or impressed or get annoyed with it; i will turn around and either return it or resell it.   so this weekend, i thought i'd do a post one-month recap on my new shiny HP dv6700t.  Keep reading for some minor flaws and fixes i ran into while using Vista and OSX on it. :)