Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sticking it to the man: jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone

so yes, i did in a way sell out by getting an iphone (first gen, thx Q!!).  however i know for sure i wasn't going to go as far as to sell my cellular soul to ATT for 2 years.  i now have about 2 months or so left in my contract w/T-Mobile and plan on going month to month from here out (if possible). 

so... what good is an iphone thats locked to ATT when i'm on Tmo? not much, lets change that! keep reading for the screencast.

after doing a few quick google searches and some reading and downloading, i was ready to go.  i just needed a few tools such as winpwn, itunes, a few ipsw recovery files and bootloader files.

Below is quick screencast of jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone (not realtime, time lapsed to make less boring!).  I will not be providing links or guides on this but just a quick visual aid in what the process looks like (very easy! i had my iphone unlocked, jailbroken and activated in less than 1/2 hour of opening my fedex box).

Again, only the first gen, 2G iPhones can be both unlocked and jailbroken; the newer 3G iPhones can only be jailbroken.  Unlocked = using any SIM card not just an ATT card.  Jailbroken = run unsigned code on iPhone, ie homebrew, theming.  happy iphone hacking!

[youtube n1Ar5ss7p0w]

i am not responsible for any bricking of iphones, etc.

update: 9/14/08; v2.1 released and running it on my 2g iphone. :)