Sunday, September 14, 2008

my msi wind, osx leo and vmware fusion demo (video)

well, a few weeks back i posted a video on triple booting my MSI Wind with XP Prof (nlited), Vista Ultimate Ed, and OSX Leopard (10.5.2) and have noticed people have been looking for more info and videos on OSX running on it. 

this weekend i decided i'd record a quick video of my msi windmacbook and how garageband and vmware fusion runs on it(Unity works!).  my wind again does have a 250gb hdd, dell truemobile wifi card, 2gb total memory and voided warranty. ;)  read more and view the full post for the video, enjoy!

last week i finally got my replacement dell truemobile pci-e wifi card back and installed.  prior to this laptop; i had not really had the native wifi of a hackintosh pc working (minus using the asus usb wifi adapter) and in turn never really used OSX as a main os on a portable.

however, this week i am going to start using OSX Leo on my wind as the main os to see if i like it as much/better than xp/vista.  i'm thinking that i could prob easily use OSX Leo on my wind since i can also run XP Prof in VMWare fusion w/o many problems (i did create a purely custom XP ISO installer w/nlite for the vmware install, maximized and slimmed down for vmware factor).

i also ran updates to iTunes and Quicktime and was able to jailbreak/unlock my 1st gen iPhone 2G to software version 2.1 that was released.  i was a bit worried that since it was a hackintosh that my itunes may not let me sync or pwn my iphone. btw, quickpwn for mac is amazingly easy! almost too easy!

so here is a quick video of my msi wind running OS X Leopard 10.5.2 (kalaway build) and a quick demo of garageband and vmware fusion emulating xp prof. 

[youtube 3YHprxzxnN4]