Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MSI Wind Hoda touchscreen kit install notes/video

previously on my blog; i had posted about my solderless touchscreen kit i installed on my msi wind.  as promised, i am following up with a more detailed notes on installing and a few videos i took of myself doing the install.

the hoda touchscreen kit was made by fidohub.com and being sold on ebay or directly through their website; also there is an ongoing forum thread over at msiwind.net on this particular kit which me and quite a few other users have posted notes on the installation.

this isn't true step-by-step guide/video but more of a general overview of what you will need to do and a few quirks i ran into while installing.

keep reading for the full post with videos and a demo in osx and vista.

The first thing you'll notice is that the kit includes all items (adhesive tape and padding included), a quick mini manual/product guide and also a cd w/the drivers for windows, linux and osx tiger/leopard.

If you have ever upgraded your msi wind's memory or harddrive; this mod isn't too bad. the scariest part is taking apart the lcd bezel and putting it back together.

Here's the video showing a few of my steps; again not a step-by-step but more of an overview:

[youtube Sor_btsSV-s]

Here's a link to the pdf guide that Hoda provides.


-this is not a beginners mod; i would consider this to be a mid-level to advanced skill requirement.

-if you can, i'd photograph or record exactly the way the cables are located in the lcd bezel; it will make it easier to put back together

-when applying the padding and adhesive to the touchscreen; be sure to keep both at the very edge on the grey area; otherwise it will affect your touchscreen's performance and cause erractic behavior.  also when you are mounting the touchscreen to the lcd; take your time so you can line it up the first time since the adhesive is pretty sticky and makes it hard to remove and readjust.

-some users have had to remove the padding behind the LCD itself; i did not have to do this but others have.

-be very careful when putting the bezel back together in that you don't shatter your touchscreen by pressing too hard or screwing the screws too tight.   also, the first time you boot into windows or osx; you will need to enable the touchscreen by enabling the camera (FN+F6).  once you do this, install the drivers and then reboot.  after the reboot; do a 4 point calibration and enjoy! the calibration will be remembered by the touchkit (ie once i calibrated in windows, osx was already calibrated)

-a few users have reported that they had to resolder the connectors on the usb hub/controller; something to be aware of.

-take your time! its not a race to the finish!  if you have problems hit up the forums over at msiwind.net or drop a note in the comments!

happy msi wind hacking!