Sunday, January 18, 2009

Running HD content from my Wind to my HDTV (video)

so lately there's been news that nvidia is trying to get its mits into the netbook craze by creating a mobile 'netbook' gpu for hd content.  of course, this won't help any of those who have current netbooks and in turn will most likely add more cost to the devices (which in a way defeats the idea of the netbooks original function; cheap and portable internet bigger than a MID and more feature rich).

personally, i believe that the current machines can run HD Content w/o a problem. the only real thing most of  the netbooks need is a quick boost of ram to 2gb and you should be fine running 720p content in vista media center.

i personally convert my dvds to 720p mp4 files that work on my ps3 and in media center/zune player.  these playback fine on my msi wind and fine on my hdtv via vga from my wind.

however, i can see the benefit of adding more gpu options; it would make the netbook into a portable hd streamer/server.  think about it; put in a 500gb sata drive, up the ram to 2gb, add-on a usb ota hdtv tuner and throw on vista ultimate or home premium and you got a pretty portable hd media center. :)  i have yet to try recording hdtv on my wind due to my card being an expresscard tuner (hp hdtv tuner).anywho, to tie you over until they release a netbook w/the new nvidia gpu here's my MSI Wind running 720p video to my HDTV.

[youtube C5XLppmXmkA]