Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rock Band and cutting the cable - How to make your own wireless mic setup

well, i am one of those rockband junkies. i have the full setup (previous Rockband instruments) for my PS3.  with Rockband 2, Harmonix updated most of the instruments except for the microphone.  Drums got wireless options, guitars (which already were wireless from day 1) already were, but what about the microphones?

we've been promised the wireless setup and kits by varous third-parties such as logitech and for the xbox360 owners, promised Rockband support for the LIPS wireless mic (but still no patch has been released).  lets change that! after doing some digging, i found out what you really need to get a wireless mic setup.

keep reading for the full details!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Geek-onomics: 5 tips on how to save a few bucks by being a geek

you don't need to be a financial guru to know that the financial state of the world is not a pretty one at the moment.  so why not use our vast geeky knowledge and resources to help save a few more bucks?

this can be even easier and more realistic lately by industries making the shift to the net.  in this post i plan to outline a few easy ways to save some money in ways you may not have thought of before.  however, like any money saving tip, there are always going to be sacrifices in your choice to save a buck (my disclaimer).  lets get started!

Friday, February 06, 2009

the saturation and full circle back; my netbook thoughts (geek op-ed)

well, 2008 sure seemed to be the year of the netbook.  we had tons of choices and tons of manufacturers (including lenovo and hp) getting into the mix and genre-leaders like Asus and MSI updating their lines and expanding.  already in 2009 we are seeing more and more options and further upgrades being added (incluing new chipsets, atom cpus, gpu's).

the netbook genre is defined by its low price point combined w/portability and in turn has caused a few manufacturers to be worried about profit margins on such a cheap setup.  remember that prior to the netbook craze, sub 12" laptops ran over $2,000 a pop.  however, i believe that 2009 is going to be a year (if the economy cooperates) that the manufacturers get one back. hit the jump to hear this geeks theory.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

basic iPhone / push email in a secure corporate environment (quick read)

at my job, i've been helping in our company's iPhone smartphone rollout and thought i'd perhaps post a few notes/tips on how to setup a secure experience.

first off, i'm no network engineer so i apologize for any discrepencies in hardware i refer to. i'm the techie on the helpdesk that gets it all rolling. :)

we tried to follow apple's plan of attack (found here, pdf) and here's just a quickie on what we did.